Meet the Characters

We've created six characters based on ingredients found in traditional Japanese ramen.  Each of them have a distinct musical theme that matches their quirky personalities, and when you mix them together, you create a catchy tune :)

Mr. Ramen


Mr. Ramen is our fun, friendly host - his sound is the Bass.

Ms. Tamago


Ms. Tamago is our trendsetter. She's always the life of the party - her sound is the Keyboard.

Mr. Chashu

BBQ Pork

Sleepy Chashu can nap anywhere - his sound is the Trombone.


Ramen Party is a collection of characters that introduces preschool children (and their parents) to trends in culture, music and food.

Ms. Naruto

Fish cake

Ms. Naruto is sweet, but shy.  She's often in hiding - her sound is Bells.

Mr. Negi

Green Onion

Mr. Negi is a nervous friend - he'll make sure to be on time!  His sound is a DJ scratch.



Tomorokoshi are a bit wild - but they are up for anything! Their sound is the Steel Drum.

We all know that kids can be picky eaters.

Ramen Party represents a way to get kids excited about food by allowing them to combine ingredients in the same way that a DJ combines music. We are also creating a resource for families to learn about foods from a wide-range of ethnicities. While growing up, simply knowing about things like bok-choy or kimchi helped us connect to our Asian roots—and we’d love to pass that along to our own children.


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