Hi, it's lil & John

and we are the creators of Ramen Party.

Lillian Chan


John Poon


Ramen Party started off as an idea that we came up with while munching on late night snacks at a local izakaya.  As an animator and musician couple, why not create something that encompasses our great loves: drawing doodles, making music and eating food?  Ramen Party was originally conceived as an interactive storybook app, which we incubated in the CFC Medialab's IdeaBOOST program. Since then, we've made the Ramen Party music video and ran a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise funding for the app.  We also had our son, Cody, who is now Ramen Party's #1 fan. 


The app is currently in development, as well as some other ideas relating to the Ramen Party world.  Stay tuned!